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Infowit was founded by a team of graphic design, marketing communications and software professionals with many decades of experience. In its original form, Infowit Creative Manager was developed as an in-house solution built specifically to match the needs of a single three decade-old marketing communications firm, and was proven in a classic "trial-by-fire" environment dealing with real-world situations and clients. Completely redeveloped from the ground up, Infowit has taken these roots and transformed them into a flexible and robust solution that adapts to the unique needs of each business it serves. Infowit maintains offices in Los Angeles and the Silicon Valley.

Management Team

Mark Hanner, President: Mark brings to Infowit over 20 years of experience in developing and growing successful software companies. Prior to helping found Infowit, Mark was in charge of marketing at a series of successful software startups in the multimedia, e-learning and Web application development spaces including Eloquent, WBT Systems, and Instantis. He spent several years as the Program Director for application development and database technologies at the leading computer industry analyst firm, The Meta Group, and was one of the pioneers in the marketing of relational and distributed database technologies with Ingres. A fourth generation Californian, Mark received his bachelors degree in computer science from UC Berkeley and an MBA from UCLA.

Rick Memsic, Vice President Business Development & Sales: Rick's 30 years of experience in creating and successfully implementing Corporate Identities and building a tremendously successful marketing communications firm around it provided the impetus behind the creation of Infowit. Rick is also a founder and partner of Rothstein & Memsic, that has become one of the leading marketing communications companies based in Los Angeles over the past 28 years. Prior to R&M, Rick was a member of the design team at Saul Bass & Associates where he was instrumental in developing and implementing corporate identity programs and package designs for companies such as United Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Avery International, RCA, and Quaker Oats. A native Californian, Rick received his degree from the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles.

Jerry Rothstein, Vice President Marketing & Finance: Jerry specializes in marketing and corporate communications as well as graphic design, and has played a central role in successfully financing and growing both design and commercial product enterprises over the past 30 years. Jerry is also a founder and partner of Rothstein & Memsic, and has played a central role in creating the initial success behind Infowit. Prior to founding R&M, Jerry was a designer at the Los Angeles corporate communications design firm of Robert Miles Runyan & Associates where he worked extensively on annual reports, corporate identity programs, and catalog design. A native of Denver, Jerry attended the Art Center College for Design where he received his degree in graphics and packaging design.


Infowit received its initial funding from the RMIdeas Fund and Spyglass Venture Capital.



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