An Overview of Infowit Creative Manager

Infowit  Creative Manager is a web-based project management software solution that allows clients, vendors, and agencies to communicate and collaborate on projects in real-time 24 hours a day. Estimating, Integrated Scheduling, Time Cards, Tracking, Client Review and Approvals, Asset Management, Contact Management and Prospecting, Financials, and more!

Automate the management of your creative projects

If your business is being creative, you know that managing the creative process to give your clients everything they want and still figure out how to make money is a daunting task. Infowit Creative Manager is a unique approach to automating your creative business to ensure every job is delivered on time and under budget:

  • Create estimates fast that make you both competitive and profitable
  • Build schedules that are achievable for you and clearly define your client's responsibilities
  • Assign tasks and create content that are tracked automatically for charge-back or cost containment
  • Control the entire procurement process for best-value purchasing
  • Make your clients part of the team with online review and approval every step of the way to manage expectations
  • Integrate with your billing processes to assure you get paid for your work including the changes your clients make along the way
  • Manage prospecting to make the most of your satisfied customer base

In today's competitive environment, no business can afford to ignore the attention to detail required to maximize your bottom line. With Infowit, you have a complete foundation for managing your profitability, improving your relationships with your employees, clients and vendors, and giving you the extra productivity to stay ahead of the competition.

Infowit Creative Manager's benefits

Deliver on time & under budget

Integrate your clients

Streamline your procurement

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