Streamline your procurement

Generate RFQs to meet exacting specifications

Generate RFQs instantly

Rarely are specifications for outsourced work or materials unique to a specific job. Just as the labor to produce a brochure or a web site is similar from job to job, so is purchasing paper, photography, or printing. Infowit lets you use your knowledge about your business to generate specifications that you can reuse again and again.

  • Define standard specifications, reuse specifications from previous jobs, or even load vendor catalogs into the system for easy access.
  • Modify—rather than recreate—existing specifications to adapt to unique requirements.
  • Generate RFQs for any number of providers in just minutes by selecting them from your vendor catalog, based on their abilities and past performance.

Most of the work involved in creating RFQ's for vendors is repetitive. Infowit uses its understanding of your business to eliminate all of the repetition involved: if you have a new requirement to handle that you've never done before, Infowit makes sure you never have to do it manually again.

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