Custom Workflows, Forms & Client Access

Your organization already has standards and practices on how to accomplish tasks and how your team members and clients interact.


You need a system that lets you implement those well-proven procedures to make them more effective and efficient.


Automation of Standard Job Types


Your standard processes are likely to be very complex. You know when you get a specific type of job just what has to go into it. Different job types generate different job request sequences.


And with Infowit's sophisticated templates, you can generate job schedules and estimates quickly and easily, with options to squeeze or expand schedules as needed based on unusual requirements.

Direct Client Access to Jobs


All projects are really about satisfying the needs of your clients. If anything goes wrong on a project, it's usually because the client wasn't closely involved.


Infowit's comprehensive Client interface let's your customers be right in the middle of the action to submit requests directly, review and approve all elements schedules and budgets, and to check statuses at any time. All completely under your control.

Flexible Workflow Definition


If you're trying to manage complex jobs with many parts, simply getting a job request from a client can be a challenge. Infowit lets you define multi-step job request sequences to get all the information you need, with an easy "accept/reject" mechanism that turns it back if it's not enough.


Complex Custom Request Forms


Infowit's unique forms system lets you have sophisticated forms that meet complex requirements. Infowit's forms model real-world forms, not just a simple collection of fields to enable master-multiple-detail displays that drill down into details you need for different elements that need to be specified for a job.


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