Tailored to your business, your processes....and you.

Are you exactly like every other creative team, doing things the "usual" way?


Not likely. And your Project Management solution shouldn't force you into the "standard" bucket either.


If you want a system that does things your way, Infowit is the answer.

"Any Information" Dashboard


Infowit lets you define your own Dashboards, so there's no need to click through a maze of menus to get what you want. Each user can have exactly the information they want, based on literally any information stored in the system.


If the data exists, you can have it. Instantly.

Integrated/Specialized Teams


If you've got a big team where different groups want to make sure that the other teams' don't get in the way with their own specific needs, Infowit lets you keep your teams separate, except when they need to collaborate on larger jobs.

Personalized Alerts


In a busy environment with tight deadlines alerts are keep you up to date, but they're only as useful as the information in them.


Infowit's unique alert system is flexible enough to let you choose on an individual basis exactly the information that's delivered to you when anything happens, no matter how obscure or complex.


Complex Request Forms/Workflows


Real organizations have real forms. They're not simple, they're complex. Infowit's unique and flexible forms system is capable of handling the most complex forms with masters and multiple details so you can get all of the real-world data you need to meet customer demands.


You can even control the flow of entry of information by your clients to meet your specific needs, without a single line of custom code.

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