Designed for Creative Teams

Creative teams don't work like engineering teams, or IT departments, or consulting organizations.


Creative teams have rapid turn-around projects, simultaneous tasks, and visual intensive products that aren't like other organizations.


Personalized Data and Displays


Infowit let's you get started quickly, letting you add users with templates and defaults to simplify user's ramp up. But it's designed for customization on both a group and individual level, ensuring that the essential data is made available, but letting users go to the next level to streamline the displays and features of the system to work the way they want.

Digital Asset-centric Workspace


Creative teams live and breathe digital content, whether it's documents, images, illustrations, videos, comps, or web sites. Infowit is built around this notion that digital assets are the core of every creative operation, handling on-line review and approval, instant access to any web media, and dealing with real-world issues like having to manage hundreds or thousands of images for a single project.

Multiple Concurrent Project Environments


Infowit is specifically designed to deal with complex, high demand environments where each individual needs to be involved in many different projects at once. As professionals, they value their ability to work independently to juggle multiple tasks and don't need a system that treats them like cogs.


Infowit's built-in analysis and reporting takes this flexibility into account and lets you plan even when you're giving your team the flexibility to prioritize to make the best use of their time.


Team & Individual Prioritization


Priorities in creative teams are constantly changing. Infowit gives you the ability to specify schedules and priorities meet specific goals and deadlines.


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