Manage All Your Costs

& Team Effectiveness

You've not only got people to manage, but very big ticket purchases like printing and distribution that other organizations simply don't have.


Having tools that track all your costs and let you analyze them to a fine level of detail is critical to your success.


Purchasing & Expenses


Real-world creative jobs are rarely only about time. You not only have team members, but also contractors who may operate on either time or fixed bid-basis, as well as both ad hoc expenses (travel), purchasing off of price lists (paper or DVDs) or major expenditures (large scale print or duplication orders).


Infowit handles it all, including dealing with complex markup and discount situations.

Real-time Resource & Cost Analysis


Infowit provides a library of highly complex reports that don't just retrieve but actually analyzes your data to provide information that goes beyond simple queries. Infowit lets you run your production meetings on-line with dynamic status reports that let you make changes based on seeing your live data.


And because the information is stored in Microsoft SQL Server, you can get direct access to any information using any tools you may require.

Quote Requests & Budgeting


Once you have a complete set of requirements for a job, Infowit's templates let you rapidly generate complete client estimates for approval.


You may also need to keep track of the overall budgets approved for your client organizations, and Infowit can keep track of that for you too.




Whether you're an independent shop or a corporate creative organization, Infowit is designed to manage the fact that you need to make money for the work you do for your clients. Sophisticated invoicing handles markups and discounts, and generates custom documentation to handle standard invoicing, cost-center cross-charging, or profit center transfers.


Infowit's open data access also supports integration with accounting systems as needed by your organization.


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