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Be in control, wherever you are

Infowit integrates your employees, clients, and vendors into one seamless team and organizes all of the information about all of your jobs in one secure, easy-to-use online system. With Infowit, you have complete access to every aspect of your business, from prospecting to creative to billing.

Infowit provides dozens of features that can help you keep control of your business. When you spend less time managing, you can take more time to strategize. Here are just a few features:

Contain your costs:

  • Rapidly review and approve estimates, RFQs, purchase orders, and invoices
  • Instantly review the hours worked and internal and external costs on every job
  • Accelerate project administration with specifications and estimate templates
  • Expedite billing and payroll with a quick report of missing time cards
  • Easily run custom reports on revenue, costs and profitability
  • Deal with alterations without losing money - or clients' good will
  • Integrate and transfer data with your accounting package

Manage your projects:

  • Get an up-to-the-minute review of any job's status
  • Find all project documents and assets in one place
  • Access an archive of clients' requests, decisions and alterations
  • Request and review alterations through project message board
  • Keep on top of projects via automated emails and online schedules
  • Assign and re-assign tasks to employees, so you use your agency's resources effectively
  • Present comps quickly and efficiently
  • Present and get clients approvals on comps online
  • Control project security with customizable access levels

Build your business:

  • Efficiently manage prospects and current clients
  • Easily store and retrieve critical marketing research
  • Target your most profitable clients for follow-up

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