Project Management Software for Sales



When you can manage relationships, you sell more, faster

Infowit puts all the information you need to build your contacts into valuable client relationships right at your fingertips in one secure, easy-to-use online resource. With Infowit, you can contact prospective clients directly from the system, then plan the right follow-up contacts at the right time to make the right impression. You'll get more accurate estimates and schedules to your clients faster to make sure that you, and not your competitor, makes the sale. Once you make the sale, client information and estimates seamlessly transfer into the project management process.

Infowit provides dozens of features that can help you keep control of the sales process. When you spend less time organizing, you can make the sale faster and beat the competition. Here are just a few features:

Manage your sales process:

  • Efficient forms add detailed prospect information easily
  • User-friendly prospect management center gives you a quick snapshot of your day
  • Pull-down menus help you quickly create follow-up action items
  • Rating system prioritizes prospects, so you spend your time where it counts
  • Market new products and services to targeted prospects and clients
  • Easy access to client files and standards keeps the entire team up to speed on client initiatives

Keep track of your clients' projects:

  • Get an up-to-the-minute review of any job's status
  • Access a history of decisions and alterations
  • Review discussions through project message board
  • Keep on top of projects via automated emails and online schedules
  • Review budgeting and expected ROI

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