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Managing Corporate Identity Projects

Corporate identity businesses are built around projects that all look the same: the same need for visuals and design concepts, the same industry research and analysis, the same template and document development, and you can even count on each type of project taking about the same amount of time. But you know that every project is unique and you have to create the content from scratch every time. You can define the types of jobs you do pretty easily:

  • Logos
  • Branding and Positioning Development
  • Logotype, Color Pallettes and Design Elements
  • Web Design
  • Graphic Templates
  • Product Packaging
  • Standards Manuals

But your clients want them done a certain way to meet their specific needs. And they want them now. You know how to do it, its just a pain to keep up with the demands and keep track of who's doing what and when. Infowit to the rescue.

Manage the Corporate ID Process Your Way

If you're like most corporate identity firms you have a unique process for getting projects done on time and under budget. Infowit gives you the platform to make sure you maintain those processes even as you work too fast or grow too quickly to keep up. Infowit is customized to your unique business processes, so if you divide your project plans into phases for creative and production work or if you look at projects as the work to be done for graphic development, document production and package assembly plans, Infowit works the way you do. It adapts to you, rather than the other way around.

Attuned to Creative Businesses

Creative projects are always a collaboration between you, your clients, your staff and your vendors. Sometimes everyone does some part of each process, and communications is key:

  • Define tasks for staff and clients with unique instructions and clear deadlines
  • Create specifications for purchases like photography or packaging vendors
  • Develop detailed estimates and schedules and submit to clients for approval
  • Manage RFQs to multiple vendors to get the best bids
  • Post and discuss each photo, illustration and copy draft with staff and clients
  • Invoice clients for your work before, during and after the project

Infowit Creative Manager learns your business and keeps your business on track to ensure you deliver on time, under budget and maintain your customer's satisfaction.

Find out how Infowit Creative Manager can help your Corporate Identity business...

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