Team Collaboration & Management

Not only are there complex interactions between team members, but clients are an integral part of your process.


And when clients and competing demands on resources are critical, staying on time and under budget needs close collaboration and management.


Messaging & Email Integration


Both your team and your clients likely use email as their primary mechanism for keeping in touch. Whether it's an automatically generated custom alert, a workflow notification, or a job related message, Infowit will get it to your inbox.


More importantly, you can respond and Infowit knows how to get your email to the right job and team members.

Change Management Processes


Creative projects are notorious for "mission creep" where executive action can change the requirements when a schedule and budget are supposedly "locked down."


Infowit gives you the tools you need to implement formal Change Management  requests and approvals for changes in budget and delivery. And you can generate reports at budget time to let the habitual change requesters that they're projects are simply going to cost more this year.

Real-time Custom Alerts


When something happens, when will you find out? Infowit knows that you need up to the minute information about what's happening. With dynamically updated displays, newsfeeds, email and other alerts, you're instantly informed about where your projects are right now.


Dynamic Scheduling/Coordination


No schedule ever stays the same. Infowit lets you easily adjust schedules to meet changes in priorities or to adapt to the availability of your resources.


Infowit gets you the data to let you foresee and avoid bottlenecks, and to prevent them in the first place by making sure you produce achievable schedules from the very start.


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